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Four years ago we were booking 4-5K weddings, having a difficult time getting published, and were stuck in a creative rut feeling uninspired and wanting more. BUT NOW... we are booking well into five figure weddings, have been published worldwide, and approach each photography opportunity with joy and purpose!

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This course launches June 20. Pre-order for only $397!

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1. Penning your client’s epic romance

Taking an in-depth look at the what, how, and why you should be storytelling a wedding and not just documenting

2. An Author Mindset

Bring a wholistic approach to the way you photograph

3. Understanding your characters 

Knowing your couple in order to tell their story. Go in to the day with confidence knowing you did your research to become the authority on all aspects of the day.

4. Creating your outline

Roles of lead and second shooter. locations, timeline, etc

5. Telling the story - Your photos are your words

The practicality of putting together all of the essentials to the story

6. Building your fan base

Gaining their trust and confidence of why they need YOU to tell their story

7. Getting Published

Taking your story public for the world to see

This course launches June 20!
Pre-order before then for only $397!!
On June 20th, it goes up to $597!

I need this deal!

This course outlines the exact approach and steps we took to get us regularly attracting luxury clients, booking five figure weddings, getting published worldwide, and loving what we do!

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Attract luxury clients and start booking five figure weddings

Start getting published regularly in luxury publications

Get rejuvenated in your shooting and arrive for your next wedding with confidence and excitement

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Applying what we teach in this course will help you attract those luxury clients and book five figure weddings that will give you a return on investment over and over again. Just one engagement session alone would more than return your investment!

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If you're like we were...

You’ve invested in lighting and styling and posing courses, but you’re still not seeing that big return you were hoping for.


If you're like we were...

You are attracting lower to mid budget clientele who aren’t willing to pay your prices.


If you're like we were...

You’re not getting seen in the publications or with planners your ideal bride is looking at.


If you're like we were...

You’re feeling uninspired showing up to weddings and wind up taking the same old shots.


This course launches June 20. Pre-order for only $397!

I need this deal!

13 years ago we wrote down our dream of working together on a napkin. It was the start of our journey toward success and and a bigger purpose, and we learned a lot along the way. Now we are sharing all that we have learned with you. We care deeply about people and it brings us joy to share what we have learned to help other people find success and fulfillment in their life, relationships, and work.

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