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We are Amy and Ross Mulder, husband and wife, parents, travelers, photographers, educators, business owners. With over 12 years of marriage and business together, we’ve seen it all - the good, the bad and the truly ugly. Bringing over a decade of experience, we guide couples and entrepreneurs to find purpose, clarity and growth. 

Months into our marriage we were sitting in Applebees eating fried cheese and sipping on margaritas, feeling depleted. We had little money and even less time for each other. We wanted to take action, so we decided to start a photography business. We came alive. Ideas were pouring out of us. So I (Amy) grabbed the napkin at the table and feverishly scribbled away.

After a couple of hours non-stop talking, we left with napkin notes in hand. That napkin had our (somewhat legible) plan and strategy for creating a business that would allow us to be together more, have financial freedom, and give us our precious time back. 

We ran our business completely alone for more than a decade. We want better for you! So we have taken everything we have learned over our 12 years in photography, business, and marriage and created the tools you actually need so that you can get to the place where you’re thriving (like we are) faster. 

One big passion we have outside of helping you with your business, is helping those of you who are married. Because let’s face it, the person you are having issues with in your job is that last person you are going to want to kiss at the end of the day. 

We take what we have been through, all of what we have learned and overcome to help you thrive in your business and marriage.

Our journey

That napkin was a declaration of our future. Working together, creating art, and spreading joy.

A bit more about us

We are parents, travelers, and love good red wine (especially chianti Classico). As for personalities, Ross recharges and is most comfortable on his own, but he also loves connecting with people and making them feel important and seen. Amy is is at her best and feels fullest when she is with people. However, there is some real anxiety when she is around people that she does not know. Put her in Times Square by herself and she will hyperventilate, but put her there with a group of close friends and she becomes the life of the party!

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