Paris Photography Retreat

Fellow Artist!

Are you craving genuine, positive connection with other creatives?
Are you wanting to shoot with no limits on what you can create?
Are you ready to spend time being positively filled up mentally, emotionally, and creatively? 

Can you picture yourself gallivanting around Paris for four days with fellow artist?

Sipping champagne and eating baguettes at the outdoor seating of Paris cafes and feeling the warmth of the sun while you relax in the parks? Being refreshed. Engaging our creative side. All while having great conversations over a lot of food and wine.

May 23-26, 2022

who is this for?

Those who need a retreat and refresh from the realities of life and business. 

Those who know they have what it takes.

Those willing to push their comfort levels and create and take chances trying new things.

Those who want to serve the luxury client.

Those who are kind, respectful, and want the best for others as well as themselves.

that are intentionally designed to go deeper than just styling and beauty.

creative sessions

that are intentionally designed to go deeper than just styling and beauty.

creative sessions

My passions include art, fashion, history, photography, people and wine. One of my favorite things to do is put together styled shoots and forget all of the rules that tell us how we are suppose to shoot! It is so fun to have the time to just create art. I love making REAL connections with fellow vendors in the wedding industry. And connecting others together too!

I'm Amy!

hey hey!

Speak to your ideal client with photos full of luxury and sophistication. We will be working with some of the best in the industry so that you will be able to elevate your brand!

What better place than Paris, France to spend time with other like minded artists to get refreshed, encouraged, and inspired. You will create art in one of the most sought after wedding locations in the world!

I need this!

Incredible photos and an amazing experience

what will we be doing?

Every day we willSpend sun up until lunch shooting at iconic locations in Paris. Creative sessions include:
 1. Wedding couple, couture gown, stationery, florals, flatlays, 2. Garden elopement with couture gown, florals, stationery, flatlays, table and desserts 3. Lifestyle 4. Fashion... Fashion HAS to be done in Paris! 5. Pre-wedding portraits 

Lunch at cafes and in parks while conversing and watching the city go by. The afternoons we will be gallivanting around the city. Photographing amazing places and experiencing new things (or re-experiencing things that are magical every time you go!) Connecting with planners and vendors. I'm a speakeasy fan too, so that will definitely be happening!



Pricing includes all 5 shoots, 3 nights lodging, 3 breakfasts & 3 lunches

$2500 deposit, remaining $2400 due by April 15

I'm ready to invest in myself!

5 shoots
An amazing Parisian experience
Time spent making meaningful connections
Become refreshed and gain new inspiration

SPACE IS LIMITED TO 5 with only 1 space left, SO SIGN UP BELOW TODAY!