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YOUR brand should be unique to YOU!

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YOUR brand voice

About three years ago I happened upon an education popup on Facebook for photographers. I watched the 10 minute plug and thought ‘oh cool!’ I’ll bite! So I began my educational journey. And I couldn’t get enough!!! I was watching hours of videos every day. Purchasing from different educators. I gave my website a massive facelift and rebranded.

I had learned all of the core posing, I had learned about the best time of day to shoot. My photos did get so much better. But I knew something was still missing. I couldn’t put my finger on just what it was.

After a year I felt like I was reaching my next plateau. And I was suuuuper depressed about it. I just didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. Then I had this light that went off inside my head. 

If I wanted to shoot a certain way, I need to create it myself. I needed to find my own unique style of shooting, something that people can look at and say ’That is one of Amy’s!'

And you can too

I found my brand voice

show me how!

So I dug my heels in, spent time thinking and working more creatively. I relentlessly chased after it what was going to make my brand. I wanted to CREATE ART with my posing and portraits. That is what people hire us to do!! We are artists!! We need to create art!!

Yes, you need those key, core poses. But you also need to go beyond that. I WANT TO SHOW YOU HOW!!! 

I want to show you how to give your clients works of art. Show you how to show for YOUR brand!! I had to push myself and work my - as my son says *booty* - off. And I did. There was a lot of mental, emotional, physical, financial exhaustion and trials.

But you know what? I did it. I have created my brand. I have created and shown the direction I am going. And it just keeps getting better and better. 

You are not booking dream clients

You are not working with dream vendors

You are not getting published as often or where you would like.

You know you can shooting beyond amazing content… if you could just get a chance

Sound familiar?

You are feeling like you’re not standing out - your work is getting lost 

Your work is feeling uninspired

You are feeling stuck or like something is missing

If you said yes to any of these, you're not alone! I have been exactly where you are and know exactly how to help you break through!

I want to help you work with dream vendors, consistently be published, create mind-blowing content, get your creative passion back. This way you WILL start working with your dream vendors and booking your dream clients! 

Let's make people's finger stop their scrolling when they see YOUR work!

No more second guessing.
Be empowered.
Be free. Be YOU.

Get the guide for only $29!

The same way you know a van Gogh or a Picasso when you see it, your brand and your aesthetic should be recognizable and unique to you.

12 years ago we wrote down our dream of working together on a napkin. It was the start of our journey toward success and and a bigger purpose, and we learned a lot along the way. Now we are sharing all that we have learned with you. We care deeply about people and it brings us joy to share what we have learned to help other people find success and fulfillment in their life, relationships, and work.

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