Men's Photography Retreat

at grandfather mountain

Fall 2022

new life


Early explorers of Grandfather Mountain include Daniel Boone, French botanist Andre Michaux, and the legendary John Muir.

Muir visited Grandfather in September 1898. Muir had been ill with a bronchial cough for many months, but after climbing Grandfather he wrote to his wife, “the air has healed me. I think I could walk ten miles and not be tired.” According to an article in American Museum Journal, he fell into poetic raptures over the view from the top, saying, “I couldn’t hold in, and began to jump about and sing and glory in it all.

The fresh mountain air is perfect for a time of restoration and revitalization and the epic mountain views are the perfect setting for new inspiration and creativity.

into your creativity

Whether taking in and capturing epic views or sitting with a good scotch around the fire, each day will be filled with opportunity to explore new terrain and feed your soul.

Each day we will wake up to an incredible mountain view and enjoy breakfast and coffee together . We will explore the surrounding areas, capture amazing views, and photograph impeccable and purposeful designs. We'll share our stories and allow for individual time to be still and present. We will encourage and challenge each other to be our best.

The terrain is both rugged and refined with breathtaking views. It frees your heart and mind to be present, to grow, to reset.

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What to expect

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the Scottish highlands

inspiration from

Our creative photography and videography sessions will be inspired by the early Scottish settlers of North Carolina in the regions around Grandfather Mountain. We will capture the style and the adventurous and courageous spirit of these proud and brave people.

"Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still."

- Chinese Proverb

I love the outdoors, I love photography, and I love connecting with other like minded creatives. I have a passion for helping others to be their best, to discover their purpose and to find joy and peace in their soul.

That all makes this retreat an absolute dream for me, and I am so excited to lead this group and to share this new experience and time of growth together. I believe your best is yet to come.

I'm Ross


3 incredible photo/video sessions designed and styled by the brilliant Amy Mulder

Lodging and food

Park passes and adventure activities

Revitalizing mountain experience

What's included

Space is limited to 7, so sign up below today! $2500 deposit to reserve your spot.

Group collaboration and sharing

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